Advent SURRO: Linux, brought to you by SILO GROUP

It looks like 2017 is the first year I finally am at a point where I get to pick up before I got derailed on this 8 years ago:  My very own Linux distribution.

I’ve always been a highly opinionated *Nixer and those opinions can get me into trouble from time to time.  While I’m a little concerned that every large project of mine like this has brought on some repercussions from the powers that are already established in the older parts of the Linux world– which are highly insecure, and sensitive to challenge, I think that building out my own Linux will serve many purposes not able to really be met by continuing to pound away on already existing distributions like the legions and legions of developers and maintainers contributing to those major projects.

That said, It’ll likely never be a major project.  This is more for me than anyone else.  But I know that when I build stuff if it makes it to release it will likely be polished eventually after a great period of not being anywhere near ready.  It’s just a concern to note going into this.

This will be one of the most involved projects I’ve ever worked on but I’m willing to get this to alpha release no matter what gets in the way.  I’m ready for the challenge.  It doesn’t need to move quickly.  It needs to move in a correct manner, which is in the perpetual footsteps of a student locked in revision.

The intention currently is to use the Linux From Scratch project as a springboard.

  • I will go through the LFS documentation and build out an LFS distribution.
  • I will do the same with BLFS afterwards.

Once those are complete I will build an entirely new distribution using the two previous builds as training for the real thing.  I’m sure I’ll learn a great deal, and I hope that others join in on this process once I have an alpha release.