Right off the bat during my research of some required reading in LFS, namely the LSB, FHS, and POSIX standards, I have discovered a rather frightening fact:

All major distros are drifting away from them and have been for years.

I knew this to some extent but did not realize how bad it has gotten.

Debian has dropped LSB altogether.  Ubuntu is heading that direction.  Red hat isn’t LSB compliant nor FHS compliant.

Not a single distribution, anywhere, would pass an LSB 5 or FHS 3 certification.

So, it’s immediately apparent that SURRO Linux will absolutely need to be FHS and LSB-compliant.  We’ll have to slip on POSIX to maintain LSB compliance.

I suspect the cause for this is standards slip due to organizational entropy for the ‘big leaf’ distros and hurdles with the amount of work for the smaller ones, but, I’m still looking into it.  To be honest I’ve never gone this far into LSB, I just know it’s important to adhere to or you run into the same problem that drove so many users from BSD systems back in around the 2006-2009 exodus.

That said, it may make an interesting statement if I make the goal of the distribution to make the LSB 5 certification and FHS 3 compliant, as while FHS is universally known to be a best practice, LSB is also still a relevant standard and it would make mine the literally only distribution that cleared that bar if I can do it– with a public list to get the distro name added to as the acceptance criteria.  The implicit statement being made I guess would be somewhere on the ‘stop being edgy’ spectrum.



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