Moving on, we have the md5sum matches and I’ve verified correct versions for the rest.

Regarding systemd, it appears that LFS has done a little brand injection helped the users out by patching systemd to reinclude the manpages and prevent some default files from being overwritten.  I’ve got the dist patch here:

The instructions as they were given to me, should I wish to use the upstream release, would be to apply the patch, build it once, then make dist and then tar that up to migrate that back over to the LFS guest to actually install it.  So in my case I’d be building it on the chroot container which is the host in the context of the LFS distribution.

So far I’ve got a non-LFS build about ready.  Might not need 3 iterations to do this.


Update:  systemd is a clusterfuck.  I can see why the System V crowds are so reluctant to adopt it given how simple the former is to the latter.  But systemd is the current standard so that’s what I’m building.