Bootstrap Environment: Completely Automated.

Going to attempt to automate the bootstrap environment creation next.

After the LFS build it was clear I’d need to go back and would need to shape that environment around base package additions.

To make sure that’s done in a clean and controlled manner, changes to the environment should be a change to a git-controlled script that regenerates the chrootable bootstrap phase.

Also replacing the first layer chroot I used last time with a virtualbox VM guest.

Way off the planned iteration path.


That aside, we’re no longer LFS-based, but, once this part is complete we’ll be at the same milestone that LFS is at in the beginning of it’s chapter 6 instructions, so, while we won’t be able to use alot of it, we’ll still be able to glean helpful hints that are common to all distro builds.

Yay, orphan distro status!