Well, we’ve run into a snag but we’ve got a plan.

For reasons not yet revealed, after my having been on Freenode for 14 years, it appears a member of Freenode staff has deliberately interfered with the collaborative environment of our IRC channel, unprovoked, where almost all of the architectural discussion has taken place for the Council of Greybeards to Design Surro Linux.

Despite the timeless theme song, this is truly unfortunate and a disservice to the people who have worked so hard on Surro.

I fell into my home office chair tonight after a long day, ready to rerun our build, only to see that our whole domain, had been klined. My main user and the shell accounts we provide can no longer access Freenode servers unimpeded and we can’t seem to find a member of staff that is able to discuss it.    Sorry about that.

This kind of thing is quite normal on IRC and I see it happen all the time — there is an older generation of linux movers that are absolutely terrified of new projects like this.  Things like this necessitate new projects like ours.

That said, Surro Linux isn’t even slowed down though– not even on IRC.  We’re transitioning to a mailing list model and our channel is still being run.

It is not up and functional yet.  I’ll try to have that up this week.  In the meantime, IRC operations are still up and running.

To be honest, I actually prefer the proposed new setup with a mailing list even better than what we were doing, as the troubleshooting from here will require more careful planning and slower thought to get it right.  This seems to me like it could be more easily accomplished in a mailing list as a medium.

Greybeard DJ_L will be executing the channel with Son_Goku as channel operator.  I feel like I’ve made a good choice and I think they’ll have no problem keeping it alive during my shifting around.

As to motivations of what is, by all reasonable definitions, our attacker– this is yet to be determined as Freenode staff have failed to take responsibility for their decisions.  It is suspected that some social engineering from a widely known local sociopath has taken place for this to even be possible as my standing has been quite good with Freenode since about 2003 and historically they are a very reasonable organization.  Worst case scenario we end up on OFTC.  I dislike the idea of that outcome though, as being on Freenode has been pivotal so far in recruiting and retaining talent for this team.

In short,

  1. This changes nothing.  We are in BAU.
  2. I’ll be popping in potentially periodically at worst until we are more resilient as an organization against this kind of thing.
  3. Builds will resume once we have the mailing lists up which should be about a week to get fine tuned and ready for use.
  4. Any information from the community about what is going on with our freenode access would be appreciated: