I’m back and unpacked.

During the move I did some serious thinking about how I want this project to develop and what types of options there were available to get there.

Public Relations Management

I think even addressing the recent political maneuvering around, even as poisonous / malicious as it was and slowed the team down a bit for a week or so, is a mistake– it could be misconstrued as “fighting back” or give the mistaken impression that it is a mutual series of attacks.  Which is exactly the type of intention that was had when these maneuvers were orchestrated.

Too late, already done.

The Linux IRC community, and particularly the Linux IRC community is a haven for all manner of arrogant people — myself included — many of which after a certain level of being established in their communities believe that they are excepted to the obligations of being a good person.

We must make these people small again.  And the way you do that is to build around them, build tall, and show others how to do the same that can benefit the community.

That said, will only contain technical and executive updates to later be used as a basis for tracking decisions and generating documentation.  Public relations efforts, disruptive drama, anything like that, if it even gets brought up, will be moved to my personal blog ( ) where it should have been.

Potential New Staff Member Recruiting

I am also considering bringing on a dedicated public relations staff member to design, direct, and execute strategies that will benefit the project so that work can be more delegated in this area by specialization.


The mailing list was where I left off last.  It’s still coming.