Examplar 1.3a Released

After a couple nights of grinding, we’ve got a major, major improvement from the v1.0a candidate.  Examplar v1.3a is released.

This version has major bug fixes and feature additions so it’s recommended to move to this version from 1.0a.

  • This version repairs a rather serious logic bug in the task execution flow.
  • There is also the new feature of now being able to split Units across multiple files in the same directory and pointing the config to the directory of .units files, which will give some more flexibility in unit definitions.
  • It now logs to syslog.
  • Reworked some of the exception layer to give more details to the user during failures.

I’m rather pleased with this version although I would like someone to come and clean up the code a little bit as there are a couple parts of it that are functional but ugly.

You can use whatever you’d like to monitor syslog — in my case I use systemd on my test machine, so I just do:

journalctl -t Examplar -f

And it will hold onto the syslog in realtime while I execute Examplar, giving me realtime logs.  It still dumps to STDOUT and STDERR. This should be relatively universal, but, like I said, use whatever you’d like to monitor syslog during Examplar runs.

At this point all original features are accounted for and it’s ready for some hands-on testing by building out Foster — but I think I’d like to hold this in Alpha before moving to a Beta or stable release.