Beta Release – Examplar 1.5b

Examplar is now in Beta at version 1.5b.

I’ve removed all hardcoded paths, implemented all relevant commandline switches, usage docs, and more.

At this point the tool is to be used for all SURRO/Foster development.

This version by all manners looks and behaves stable, but, I’m not comfortable releasing as a stable version until it’s built a bootable ISO so that it can have that guarantee behind the release announcement.

Feel free to download it and use it for any unrelated projects.

I expect in a future version that we’ll want to have a switch to disable syslog logging for absolutely barren environments but I do not think that will be necessary at this time.

Since we’ve moved to beta, I will be offering public RPMs and spec files.

Most work from here related to development on Examplar itself will revolve around improving documentation on how to use it as this is a new tool in the Linux space so I expect alot of confusion at first.  It’s deceptively simple.

In the meantime the source can be downloaded here if you’d like to compile it yourself:

It is strongly recommended to package it before installing it due to the frequency with which we’ve been updating, but it really doesn’t need to be “installed”.

Here’s a script that will get you up and running. Make sure you have cmake installed on your system to be able to compile it. Cmake is a great tool for building C/C++ projects and more. You will also need a C++ compiler. I use G++.

mkdir ./Examplar
cd ./Examplar
wget -O examplar-1.5b.tar.gz
tar xvf examplar-1.5b.tar.gz
cd Examplar-Examplar-1.5b-*
cmake .
./examplar -h

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have provided input on the direction of this project, and I look forward to what we do with this — and I know the SURRO Greybeards have been very patient while I tried to make the time to do this.  I can not say that making the time did not have consequences, but we made it and that’s what matters.