Current State of Milestone 2 out of 5

I haven’t touched it since my last post.

We’re currently on Milestone 2.

I’ve been working on a closed source project called T-ORCH, an application-layer orchestration solution designed for large scale enterprise environments, as an effort to fund the SURRO Linux project.

Once sold I hope to work on SURRO full time after we get to a certain point, but it’s a long way there.

This largely stems from the fact that I totally suck at fund raising.  We actually have a fundraiser page where you can donate towards surro linux development at:

While what we really need is more people, every bit helps keep the surro linux project going.

I am concerned about how involved the design and development time is on T-ORCH and how it’s pulling time away from SURRO, so, from here forward I’ll be devoting a 5/2 split of time between T-ORCH and SURRO.

The main delay there was the design and implementation of IRCTHULU.  IRCThulu is a project of intentionally crafted traditional SOA components so that as T-ORCH is implemented it will have integration concerns in mind to make T-ORCH as well built as possible — and to have IRCThulu be a showcase for doing just that.  With IRCThulu created it’s now time to build out T-ORCH and then integrate it into IRCThulu components.

I’ll be spending Saturdays and Sundays on SURRO and Mondays through Fridays on T-ORCH until T-Orch is in release status and IRCThulu is integrated into an instance of it.