New Mailing List and More

I’ve decided to go ahead and prop up the mailing list as a new communication path.

I’m considering removing the bug tracker as while it was really productive for a while we just don’t have enough people until we get to release status.  Not decided yet.

I’m going to be doing quick bursts on the Foster build.  It will try to be distro independent for the most part but I’m on a Fedora machine — so in some places stuff will be specific to Fedora for the builds — it’s encouraged for people to go behind me and make stuff distro independent so I can just focus on getting us to a bootable state.

Mailing list url:!forum/surro-linux-greybeards


We may be losing some folks on the core dev team due to work/life balance needs — understandable and regrettable — contribute where you can.  It’s going to be the wild west before Alpha release.  That’s the primary goal first.  We’ll make it pretty when we get there.  Slightly less planned than we’d hoped, but we’ve gotta move forward on this project.