Mailing List Changes

After some consideration, I’ve decided to make some changes to the mailing list details for SURRO Linux.

While it’s not yet being used very much, I felt that using the term “greybeards” could potentially be excluding women from participating.

That, and, it turns out, as I learn more about how to facilitate an open source project, not all contributors contribute. I’ve been going about this all wrong — we should be trying to maximize the number of contributors to get that occasional pull request instead of trying to form a team of people who will do things regularly.

So, I’m disbanding the concept of a “greybeard” contributor and any associated roles, and now we just have “contributors” and “non-contributors”. If you don’t contribute, you’re a “non-contributor”.

The new mailing list is at:

Contributors and non-contributors are welcome to sign up and help out.