Advent Rex

Up until this point I’ve been building the prototype tool called Examplar while establishing requirements with the Foster build. For those of you just joining, Foster is the set of scripts and data that will generate the ISO or container for SURRO Linux.

I am pleased to announce that the Examplar name is now officially retired and will now be called Rex. It has been polished up, and can do some really neat things for large scale automation.

It’s source can be downloaded at the following URLs:

The primary repository is on our personal gitlab and the github repo is a downstream mirror so that we can get github users filing issues on its built-in tracker.

There are significant changes that needed to be made to get this tool from where it was when this project started to a usable product for this use case, so, it’s good to finally get it out of the way; I will now shift to just using it hopefully for the Foster builds I keep talking about so much while I knock out any bugs that come up from the issue tracker.

Really glad to get this piece in place, finally.

It is requested of anyone reading who can, to please review the code for potential improvements, file issues for potential problems (it is an alpha even though it’s 4th gen at this point), and let me know. Issues are filed on the github mirror for the time being.