Public Request for Feedback

Today I’m opening up a channel for feedback from anybody who might be reading this to see what people think about some filesystem adaptations that I am considering making.

During the building of a linux system, many of the created shared objects and other files get copied around to end up where they’re supposed to be after they’re compiled, and some things can be in multiple places; so I think it would be a much cleaner arrangement to set up some symlinks for things that can be in multiple places, so that there is only one real place that any of those things be.

For example, a symlink at /bin that points to /usr/bin. And a symlink at /lib that points to /usr/lib, /lib32 -> /usr/lib32, /lib64 -> /usr/lib64.

The full list I’m considering is:

  • /bin -> /usr/bin
  • /lib -> /usr/lib
  • /lib32 -> /usr/lib32
  • /lib64 -> /usr/lib64
  • /sbin -> /usr/sbin

I don’t think this would violate the FHS, or the LSB, both of which are goals of this project.

Let me know! You can use the SURRO Linux mailing list at:

Or, if you’d prefer to be more direct or private, I can be emailed at